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Whilst we pride ourselves on providing equipment to surpass expectations and maximise your potential, we understand that the initial outlay might not be the first priority for your budget. 

A lease facility allows you to acquire the equipment your business needs without stretching those all-important cash reserves or compromising funds elsewhere. Instead, the total cost is broken down over a series of tax-efficient repayments throughout a fixed term.

Why lease?

  • Maintain a healthy cash flow

  • Make great tax savings throughout the term

  • Obtain the best quality equipment for your business, without prohibiting cash flow

  • No need to stretch budget or settle for substandard equipment

  • One agreement can include all design and maintenance costs

  • Accurately predict forecasts and budget around pre-scheduled repayments

  • No existing bank or credit facilities will be affected

  • Ownership options available at the end of the term

Leasing is a great way to acquire new assets for your business and can be very tax-efficient.

One company that might be able to help is Johnson Reed Limited. Please contact Johnson Reed Limited for a formal quotation on the contact details provided below, or visit their website;

Telephone number: 0161 429 6949




Seatable UK Ltd furniture suppliers and manufacturers, specialists in contract dining furniture for restaurants, bars, cafes, bistros, hotels, breakout areas, leisure furniture and school dining furniture.

Even though we have made every effort to list all our products and adding weekly, if you cannot find what you’re looking for please try our media / downloads for our current publications.

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