Delaware Table

The Delaware table is made of stone and resin, to enable the bases to emulate the rounded edges of a pebble. The tops use the same substance to simulate the irregular edges formed by erosion. The collection is available in four heights to suit every project. Top and base available several finishes: stained ash board, white or tope-grey Stonacril. The foot column is a 100mm diameter F1 epoxy coated steel tube, colored white or quart-grey.

Delaware Table

  • Dimensions:  

    W1050mm x H740mm x D930mm  

    W  920mm x H600mm x D810mm  

    W  920mm x H450mm x D810mm

    W  920mm x H330mm x D810mm



    Stone & resin - Stonacril, plain white or mottled tope grey


    Stone from Stone acrylic.

    Column ∅100mm painted epoxy steel

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