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New School Dining Room Furniture, Breakfast Bar, Tables, Benches, Chairs and Waste Bins

A very different proposition as the dining space started off as 3 separate rooms, which the school had knocked through to form one complete dining room. The dining facilities are also used by a special school, so we had to ensure the an area of tables were suitable for disabled access.

Seatable recommended pedestal tables. These were ideal as they could accommodate chairs and wheelchairs and would not have any table legs causing any obstruction. They also blended in well with the rest of the dining room where we installed smaller pedestal tables and our Hannah Lite units.

We used our popular smile chair for seating in the two striking colours of green and purple. The school had the paintwork matched to these colours which really complemented the look of the room. The school were absolutely delighted with the installation and the area is now used for meetings as well as dining. It has become a room the school are proud to show off.

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