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Booker Avenue Infant School

As with many schools, the hall at Booker Avenue Infant School in Liverpool is a hive of activity. It acts as a multi-purpose space for a wide range of activities, from assemblies and dining to physical activity and learning.

Over time it had become clear that poor acoustics in the school hall were having a negative impact on a number of pupils in terms of their comfort levels, behaviour and overall well-being. A solution was required that would transform the school hall into an inclusive environment that all pupils could thrive in.

Seatable conducted a free acoustic assessment of the hall and produced a technical report that shed light on the factors contributing to the high levels of reverberation in the hall. In order to reduce the levels of reverberation in the school hall, Seatable recommended acoustic noise absorption panels which would absorb the sound in the hall and prevent reverberation.

The installation has helped the school to achieve its goal of providing an inclusive environment for all pupils to learn, socialise and enjoy their lunchtime meals.

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