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How To Make The Most Of The Summer In Your Café

Britain is seeing a heat wave that’s going to continue through July – we can safely say that summer is well and truly here! Iced coffees and light bites are on the menu and Brits don embarrassing tan lines having not learned their lesson from the previous year.

As it does every year, the winter will inevitably creep up on us out of nowhere, and it’s important to seize the summertime for your café customers while it lasts…

The secret to making the most of it is to make the summer vibe last as long as possible in your café. If it’s still sunny outside (or even just mild), let the summer last until it's time to get the pumpkins out!

Outdoor dining is here to stay!

As it’s now widely understood that being outdoors massively reduces the risk of coronavirus transmission, people are likely to want to continue to enjoy sitting outdoors at restaurants, cafés, bistros, and coffee shops wherever they can (especially if there’s a nice outdoor space for them to enjoy!)

The al fresco experience has become a mainstay of the British high street. If you haven’t done so already, invest in your outdoor areas with some gorgeous outdoor café furniture – from café tables and chairs to parasols. Find a style that takes your outdoor café experience to the next level.

Remember that a British summer blows hot and cold!

We all know how poorly us Brits deal with hot weather. So, prepare for the sunshine with parasols and outdoor shelter areas to give your guests somewhere to sit, relax, and enjoy a cold beverage while shaded from the sun – or they’ll most likely melt. It might also be worth investing in a good air conditioning system, if you can afford it, or at least some quality fans to keep air circulating when things get really hot.

It’s also worth planning ahead – as hot as the weather is now, the British summertime is fickle and summer evenings can always get pretty cold, pretty quickly! Patio heaters might be your secret saviour. When it’s cold, a good patio heater can make your customers forget they’re outdoors altogether in well-designed outdoor café areas.

Revamp your café furniture

It’s worth keeping an eye on your furniture. The summer is a busy time of year for cafés and lots of visitors, while good for business, can take their toll on your café chairs and tables. It’s good practice to check your furniture on a weekly basis (or even giving it a quick check when you’re doing your daily cleaning) for any signs of wear and tear.

It’s definitely worth investing in something stylish, durable, and high quality whenever you’re replacing your furniture. Café chairs made from sturdy plastic, wood, and metal are a great balance between something comfortable, easy to clean, and that are made to last. Don’t forget stackable chairs are a great way to save space and super convenient if you have to set up chairs outside your café every day.

Seize the summer with Seatable

At Seatable we have a huge range of café and coffee shop furniture – lots to suit every style and budget. We have been providing bespoke contract furniture for cafés for over 15 years. We want to help you furnish your café with the highest quality products and, if you’re looking to style your outdoor areas, we’ve got an incredible range of outdoor café furniture to choose from.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any advice, support, or more information about our products.


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